Real Estate Investment in Buenos Aires

The town’s charm increases the exchange rate that sets Buenos Aires as an perfect town for global tourism and moreover, a mine for investment. The investment opportunities are multiple and the stations are available for developments that are separate: real estate business, engineering, importing, and a lot more.

An road for foreign investors is within the housing market. It is a realistic alternative both for investors and large financial groups. The investment cost for a property is low and the return is high, in brief and long term basis. The price of property and land is starting to rise in Buenos Aires due to the high demand for permanent housing and temporary leasing. There is in reality a shortage of flats, what also explains the springing of heaps of new improvements which are.

The purchase of a property conveys along a collection of business opportunities aside from its use as a private residence: remodeling and resale, conventional lease, temporary rental, amongst others.

Rentals is among the most easy and attainable directions for smaller investors and most especially for those not currently living in Buenos Aires. Alojargentina, aside from selling properties and providing counseling in real estate, offers a complete”Property Management” service. Including leasing the property to tourists and businesses following a fashion and at the property’s maintenance according to each client’s particular needs.

Someone utilizing this service from abroad, for instance, can forget about caring for the property since it can be left in the company’s hands. It is a service that includes renting the flat, the guest’s total assistance, invoices and taxes payment, property upkeep and coordination of any required repairs. The proposal anticipates the property owner’s interest in being informed of what is happening with his/her apartment and this is the reason why reports are sent frequently. Clients may choose between a rent that is temporary or a full direction solely management.

Frequent visitors might have their property from Buenos Aires to enjoy during their trips and use it as an extra revenue source through temporary leasing. So, purchasing an apartment in Buenos Aires is an chance for a double expense: creating short and long-term profit additional to having a vacation house in an alluring destination since Buenos Aires.

The apartments inclined to be provided for temporary rent have various attributes but there are certain mandatory requirements like full equipment amenities and demanded place. The neighborhoods are Recoleta, Downtown and Palermo, but guests often ask for Las CaƱitas, Barrio Norte, Belgrano and Puerto Madero too.

The Real Estate Sales area in Alojargentina specializes in this type of investment. The company sells properties for individual use but assists on temporary rent investment opportunities. It retains extensive experience in handling sales for foreign citizens and consequently has the necessary know how in regards to processes, paperwork and requirements for non-resident buyers.

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